Victoria Palms of Dunedin
Condominium Association
700 Lyndhurst St., Dunedin, FL 34698

Safety & Codes

39.05 All parts of the Condominium Property shall be kept in a sanitary and clean condition, and no rubbish, refuse or garbage allowed to accumulate nor any fire hazard allowed to exist.

39.06 No electrical device creating unusual electrical overloading or interference with radio or TV sets of others may be used in the Units or Common Elements or on the Association Property without the permission of the Association.

39.07 ��. Under no Circumstances should any materials be stored on balconies or in the stairways.

39.16 No grills or smokers of any kind shall be allowed in any Unit or on any of the walkways or balconies outside the Units. The Association may provide grills for use by the residents on the Common Elements and the Association may designate the locations for which such grills may be used. No other grills, smokers or other similar cooking devices may be used on the Condominium Property.

Download CHARCOAL/GAS GRILL GUIDELINES that prohibits use of grills including electric grills added in 2011.
Download National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) Item 14.6.3 that prohibits storage in stairwells defined as "Usable Space."