Victoria Palms of Dunedin
Condominium Association
700 Lyndhurst St., Dunedin, FL 34698


39.11 Only Unit Owners may keep domestic pets in the Unit, subject to the following restrictions:

(1) Domestic pets shall include only two (2) cats or one (1) dog weighing no more than forty-five (45) pounds, and birds no larger than a standard-sized cockatiel. Reptiles, fish, rodents and any other type of animal are expressly prohibited. There shall be no loud barking dogs, Rottweilers, German shepherds (except handicap assistance dogs), pit-bull, Doberman pinschers or any other ill tempered breed of a similar hostile nature.

(2) Each Unit Owner or approved tenant in a Unit desiring to keep an animal in a Unit shall register such animal with the Association in accordance with a registration process developed by the Board of Directors of the Association. The Association shall maintain a roster of all animals registered. The Unit Owner in whose Unit the animal will be kept shall be responsible for the conduct of the animal and, at all times when an animal shall be kept on the Condominium Property, shall obtain and maintain, at the Unit Owner's expense, a liability insurance policy covering damage or injury caused by the animal while located on the, Condominium Property, with the Association as an additional insured under such policy. The Unit Owner shall furnish the Association a certificate of insurance upon request. The minimum insurance coverage shall be in a reasonable amount established by the Association from time to time. Such insurance policy shall provide that it may not be cancelled by the insurer without at least thirty (30) days notice to the Association. The failure to maintain such insurance coverage shall constitute a violation of the Declaration and valid basis for the Association to require immediate removal of the animal from the Condominium Property.

(3) If the weight of a dog is less than forty-five pounds when the dog is registered with the Association, but thereafter the Association reasonably believes the dog's weight exceeds forty-five pounds, the Association shall give the Unit Owner notice that it believes the dog's weight violates this Section. Within thirty (30) days after the date of such notice, the Unit Owner shall either remove the dog from the Condominium Property, or furnish the Association a certificate from a Florida licensed veterinarian dated after the date of the Association's notice attesting to the then current weight of the dog. If the certificate indicates that the dog's weight exceeds forty-five pounds, then the Unit Owner shall immediately remove the dog from the Condominium Property. Failure of a Unit Owner to either furnish the certificate showing a permitted weight or remove the dog within the time provided shall constitute a violation of this Section.

(4) Birds shall be kept in a fully enclosed pen inside the Unit. No bird may be permitted outside the Unit at any time except when transporting the same to or from property outside the Condominium Property.

(5) The right to keep an animal on the Condominium Property is not absolute, but rather conditioned on the proper conduct of the animal. At all times when a dog or cat shall be on the Common Elements, such animal shall be under leash and under the direct control of a person. No dog or cat shall be permitted to run free on the Common Elements at any time. The Unit Owner of the Unit in which any animal is kept shall not permit the animal to create a nuisance or otherwise engage in conduct which is a source of annoyance to other residents of the Condominium Property. If the Unit is leased to an approved tenant keeping an animal, the tenant shall, jointly and severally with the Unit Owner, be responsible for the conduct of the animal. In the event an animal's conduct is the source of annoyance to other residents or the animal creates a nuisance, the Association shall have the right to require the permanent removal of the animal.

(6) No animal shall be kept, either permanently or temporarily on any Common Element walkway or within any Limited Common Element. No animal shall be permitted in the pool, on the pool deck, or in the Clubhouse.

(7) No more than two (2) cats or one (1) dog may be kept in any Unit at any time.