Victoria Palms of Dunedin
Condominium Association
700 Lyndhurst St., Dunedin, FL 34698


7.07 Accounting Records and Reports. The Association shall maintain accounting records in the county in which the Condominium is located, according to good accounting practices. The records shall be open to inspection by members or their authorized representatives at reasonable times, and written summaries of them shall be supplied at least annually. The records shall include, but not be limited to, (a) a record of all receipts and expenditures, and (b) an account for each unit designating the name and current mailing address of the unit owner, the amount of each assessment, the dates and amounts in which the assessments come due, the amount paid upon the account, and the balance due.

The financial information is for the owners of Victoria Palms only. If you are thinking of purchasing in Victoria Palms, ask your agent or call the management company for access to the records.

For owners:

You will need the username and the password to access these records.

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