Victoria Palms of Dunedin Condominium Association

Victoria Palms of Dunedin
Condominium Association
700 Lyndhurst St., Dunedin, FL 34698

Board of Directors

President Lynda Logan
Vice President Gary Queen
Secretary / Treasurer Dave Easley

6.05 The President. The President shall be the chief executive officer of the corporation. Subject to the provisions of Article 4 above, the President shall preside at all meetings of members and of the board. He shall exercise the executive powers of the corporation and have general supervision over its affairs and other officers. He shall sign all written contracts and perform all of the duties incident to his office and such other duties as may be delegated to him from time to time by the board.

6.06 The Vice President. The Vice President shall perform all of the duties of the President in the absence of the President, and such other duties as may be required of him by the board.

6.07 The Secretary. The Secretary shall issue notices of all board meetings and all members' meetings; he shall attend and keep the minutes of same; he shall have charge of all of the books of the corporation as well as its records and papers except those kept by the Treasurer. All minutes shall be kept in a business like manner and shall be available for inspection by members and board members at all reasonable times.

6.08 The Treasurer. (a) The Treasurer shall have custody of the corporation's funds and securities. He shall keep full and accurate accounts of the corporation's receipts and disbursements. He shall deposit all monies and other valuable effects in the name of, and to the credit of, the corporation in such depositories as may be designated by the board. The books shall reflect an account for each unit in the manner required by the Act. (b) He shall disburse the funds of the corporation as may be ordered by the board, making proper vouchers for such disbursements. He shall render an account of all his transactions as the Treasurer, and of the financial condition of the corporation to the board whenever it may require it. (c) He shall collect all assessments and shall report promptly to the board the status of collections. (d) He shall maintain accounting records according to good accounting practices, which records shall be open to inspection by members or their authorized representatives at reasonable times. He shall render to members or their authorized representatives, at least annually, a written summary of the corporation's fiscal activities. (e) He shall prepare the corporation's budget.